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【辅导员战疫情】席斌:We are Together for Fighting for the Epidemic
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An unexpected epidemic during Spring Festival in early 2020 not only showed us the determination of Chinese people of the whole nation to unite as one and fight together, but also showed us the confidence and patience of the XJTUers to fight against the epidemic.

Outbreaks are orders, and prevention and control are responsibilities. Since the outbreak prevention and control work has been carried out, the instructors of the School of International Education have always put the safety and health of the international students first and taken the initiative to carry forward the school motto “Study assiduously, resolve to succeed, act decisively, and manage affairs with magnanimity”. The prevention and control of the epidemic have been the most important work at present for all instructors. However, we realize that victory cannot be achieved overnight. It is a "general war" or a "long-term war". All teachers and students need to unite and make due contribution to the victory in the fight against pneumonia caused by the coronavirus.

1.Be strict self-discipline and become a participant in healthy China

During a hard time, everyone should bear more to be loyal. President Xi once said, "The Chinese dream is historical, realistic and future. It belongs to our generation, and the younger generation. " As contemporary young students, we should deeply realize the key role of "starting from me" in epidemic prevention and control. At this moment, to protect ourselves is to be responsible for the safety of the people around us, to be relieved of the "epidemic" people in the first-line war, and to be dedicated to the prevention and control work of the party and the state.

2. Be firmly determined and be a loyal and promising practitioner

Classes will be suspended but studying will not be postponed. Through online teaching, everyone can continue to learn with teachers and classmates together. We can cultivate our sentiment and perfect our character through reading literary classics. We can be pragmatic and innovative through absorbing professional knowledge. Please improve step by step and complete homework on time, and jointly make necessary preparations for future challenges. As you may know very well that in the face of sudden disasters, knowledge is the best medicine.

3. Be a warm person shouldering the great responsibility

The epidemic situation is merciless and human beings are sentient, giving timely help to warm the heart. During the epidemic, we saw plenty of videos you shot and the words you wrote for China. The scenes and every word showed your love and expectation for China, your recognition and praise for Chinese culture, and your affirmation and praise for China's actions. You resolutely rejected the suggestion of family members to go home, insisted on the spirit of fighting the epidemic together with China, and showed your feelings of "boundless love and one family in the world". We witnessed and were touched.

Viruses do not have borders, and the pneumonia epidemic in novel coronavirus has broken out one after another in other countries, threatening world health and safety. However, medical staff, scientific researchers and all people from all over the world will unite and cooperate to face up to the difficulties to build a global thinking of "community of human destiny" to share knowledge and experience, and to jointly cope with the challenges. We believe we can overcome the difficulties related to all mankind.

No spring will not come and no difficulty will be insurmountable. Dear students, let's work with all teachers and to firmly believe and unite as one. We are looking forward to meeting again in the cherry blossom-blooming campus!




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